God’s plan is that you grow and bear much fruit. But spiritual growth does not happen automatically.. we must work in order to grow!

Our church is here to help you grow and achieve all God has for your life, that’s why we have designed a 5 steps plan you can use to mature in your spirit and keep growing.

  • Attend
  • Connect
  • Seek
  • Share
  • Serve


Attend WEEKLY to our weekend service.

Our bilingual meetings are every Sunday 10:00 AM at Av. Miguel Alemán 817, Centro, Mazatlán, Mex.


Connect WEEKLY with a small group during the week.
That way you will meet and connect with others and make some friends.

We have plenty of options for you to choose where do you want to connect:

  • Life Groups – More information here
  • Men’s Group – Thursday 7:00pm
  • Women’s Group – Thursday 7:00pm
  • Youth Group – Friday 6:30pm

3.- SEEK

Seek God DAILY through a devotional time.

A devotional time is a moment you spend alone with God as you read your Bible and pray.

It does not matter if it take you 10 minutes, half an hour or 2 hours.. It is important to do it in a daily basis and turn it into a habit.


Share the good news of the love of God with the people around you.

You can do it through 2 ways:

  • Expose and explain the Gospel by yourself
  • Invite them to our church and there they will listen the Gospel.


Get involved to serve in any of the ministries in church.

We are sure you will be a great help serving the Lord, no matter what your gifts are.